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HONORED TO be THE OPENING TRACK ON THIS AWESOME TRIBUTE FOR TONY SLY COMING OUT Tuesday 10/29 on FATWRECK CHORDS~! Tons of greaaaat bands too including: Bad Religion, NOFX, Alkaline trio, The Bouncing Souls, Anti-FLag, Lagwagon, Pennywise and more! check it out and  ORDER HERE






I'll be yapping on the radio to promote the Bob Dylan tribute shows - w/ live performances by my band, Lily Taylor, Whiskerman and poetry readings as well. Tune in!

Wed, 8/21
, 9:20-10pm - KALW's  - "Fog City Blues"
91.7fm, with Devon Strolovitch ( whiskerman & Karina Denike perform)
Thur, 8/29, 10pm-11pm- KPFA Radio's "The Hear & Now" with Derk Richardson (Karina Denike full band performs)
Sat, 8/31, 3-4pm - KALW's "Folk Music & Beyond" ,
91.7fm, with JoAnn Mar ( Lily Taylor perfroms)

7/20/13 - Honored to be the opening track for the upcoming Tony Sly Tribute to be released in October on Fatwrecords. Lots of great bands on this, Bad Religion, NOFX, The Bouncing Souls, Lagwagon, and many more...more info at www.fatwreck.com

04/ 14/13 - Excited to be named as the Guest musical director for the upcoming UNDERCOVER PRESENTS :BOB DYLAN'S Highway 61 revisited album featuring lots of great Bay Area Talent and presented in conjunction with the Allen Ginsberg Photo Exhibit at The Contemporary Jewish Museum, SF.  stay tuned for deets...

11/30/12 - RELEASED the live tracks of "Cantilever Bridge" and "Lonely Sea"  on PortoFranco Records!  It's up on ITUNES!! please purchase....here!


10/25/12 - YAY we made out kickstarter goal!!! thank you all for you amazing support!


10/18/12  -*YOUTUBE just spotlighted/featured 1 of our new videos!! "Cantilever Bridge" !!! http://www.youtube.com/music

* WE'RE Headling The Bottom of the Hill in SF on OCT. 20th!

with Sean Smith and Terese Taylor! come on down!


We Just released 2 new videos! an original and a cover of Lonely Sea by the Beach Boys! check 'em outttt!



I JUST Started a 30 day kickstarter fundraiser yesterday!!! This is to raise monies to help me finish this long awaited solo record! We're real close but need to get the last things done...Please check it out for fun rewards of all kinds. Or you can just buy the record in advance...:)

every dollar goes to paying for this album..... HERE is the LINK!



Lots of new things in the last couple of weeks: 1st-ly - Thanks all who came to our epic shows in August. Sold out crowds and such a lot of fun!!! 2nd, I will be going to Quebec City for a memorial concert for Tony SLy - with many old and new NUFAN members and dear friends. Hope to see you there Montreal and Quebec folks   http://www.envoletmacadam.com/en/festival

3rd-ly.  I joined Twitter...you can find me at @KarinaDenike for updates and stuff and things.

8/6/12 It is with great sadness that I say good bye to a friend this week whom i toured with and sang with on and off for over 15 years, Tony Sly. The songwriter and front person for No Use for a Name asked me to sing on several of his records, both with full band and his acoustic solo releases. It was a great honor. He was a really wonderful touring mate,a genuinely hilarious guy, great musician, father, songwriter, and friend. I will miss him. Here are a few songs i sang on. See you on the Outside Tony.





Performed at documenta modern art festival opening party at the Kulturbahnhoff - June 8th - Kassel Germany, What an AMAZING HONOUR!

5/13/12 - 3 shows next week in England! May 16th, 17th, and 18th! check show listing page for deets!! hope to see you there..


new solo show in London added! May 18th at the Bar solo Inverness in Camden town.


I'll be performing a couple of songs and getting interviewed on the Fog City Blues show on KALW Wednesday April 4th,  from 9-11pm, tune in!


Lots of great shows coming up - my band playing at my very favorite underground SF venues, Billie Holiday Tributes and more...check "shows" page for info.


I'm singing in the U.K. in May at the Norfolk Norwich Festival sitting in with Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project!!!...check back for more deets..!!

1/24/12 - Mr. Lonesome and the Bluebelles' song "just for you" from our new album is in the new 20th Century Fox release movie "This means War " with Reese Witherspoon coming out Feb. 2012!! Listen for our song in the party scene.

12/12/11 Recording Recording Recording.....yes, we are working on an album of my original tunes!

 11/11/11  ** Here is a mini review of our Bottom of the Hill show with Hindi Zahra 10/01/11 www.theowlmag.com/photos-pictures/zahra-bottom-of-the-hill-sf-10111/

** I recently was fortunate enough to guest on Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project's 2nd full length coming out  now on Smog Veil records

 ** Mr. Lonesome and the Bluebelles Full length CD out on ITUNES!!! check it yo!!  http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mr-lonesome-the-bluebelles/id436257163

** I have brand spankin new blue flexidiscs for sale designed by the uber cool Kelly Keliher as well as brand new sheet music to our songs with original artwork by Bay Area artists Jason Boyte and Brigid Dawson.







Some Info

  Karina Denike is a vocalist, composer, and performer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her original songs are comprised of snippets of torch songs, doo wop drama, Eastern European lullabies, crackly records and girl group harmony. Played on chord organ, and vibraphone with band members and local composers in their own right-  Aaron Novik on Bass Clarinet, Lily Taylor on vocal harmonies, Michael McIntosh on piano, James Frazier on Fender VI, and Eric Garland on drums. Karina Denike and her band hold a popular residency in SF and have performed in Japan, LA and NYC.They were part of Noisepop 2009 sharing the bill with Martha Wainwright and were one of the featured bands in the Undercover SF series promoted by Portofranco records.   Denike's writing and performance credits also include fronting, touring and recording for groups Dance Hall Crashers( MCA, Pink and Black) , Mixtape, ( with members of Thee Oh Sees and The Dodos )The Cottontails, Stara nova, Mr.Lonesome and The Bluebelles, 8 Legged Monster, San Francisco Jazz orchestra, Ralph Carney’s Serious Jass Project, and more.

Listen to MP3's at www.myspace.com/karinadenike and www.soundcloud/karina-denike > > More info and updates at "karina denike music" on face book -








Virtuosic chanteuse Karina Denike will transport you to a decade that never happened—but should have.

  Steeped in the lost eras of 1930’s torch songs and Motown, her original songs draw from such influences as  doo wop drama, sea shanties, Morricone soundtracks, girl groups and Eastern European lullabies. A focus on performance and obsessed with the voice as an instrument,  her lock-solid vocal harmonies can hush rooms with a whisper and break hearts with a shout. Supporting herself on chord organ and vibraphone, and backed by an adventurous San Francisco band of established composers and musicians in their own right; Aaron Novik on Bass Clarinet, Lily Taylor and Melody Ferris on vocal harmonies, James Frazier on Fender VI baritone guitar, Eric Garland on Drums, and Michael McIntosh on keys, Denike is preparing to release her first solo album after a double single release on PortoFranco records in 2012, her 2011 EP release "Musee Mecanique". Denike's band have played in Japan, Europe, N.Y.C., L.A., and for dOCUMENTA 2012 in Kassel Germany. They have also played for SF's Noise-pop festival, on KPFA,KALX and KALW, been featured on Youtube, and on the Undercover Presents series "the Pixies-Doolitttle" and "Bob Dylans' Highway 61 Revisited", which Denike was also Guest musical director for.

A San Francisco based, British born vocalist, composer, arranger, and recording artist, Karina Denike also collaborates past and present with the Dance Hall Crashers(MCA),The Cottontails, Jezebelle (Warner/Discovery), 8 legged Monster big band, No Use for a name (fatwreckchords), Ralph Carney's Serious Jass project (Smogveil), Mr, Lonesome and the Bluebelles, Stara Nova, Hepcat, NOFX, Tony Sly, Aaron Novik, Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies and others. She has released over 10 records,  had her voice and compositions on countless compilations and films soundtracks including the 2012 20th Century Fox release "This means war" with Reese Witherspoon and Tony Sly's tribute album released in 2013. Karina has performed around the world at top venues and festivals including the Montreaux Jazz festival ( Switzerland), The Reading Festival, (UK),The Warped tour, SLC Official Olympics, The Shoreline Amphitheatre, The Greek Theatre, (Berkeley), The Filmore(SF), The Warfield) Lilith fair and many others. She has shared bills with The Pretenders, Fiona Apple, Prince, The Ramones, Beck, Rasputina, The Misfits, Martha Wainwright, NOFX and others.


 What people are saying about Karina Denike:

 "The best of the best: a San Francisco singer-songwriter with a powerful voice and some serious songwriting skills. This stripped-down performance suits her perfectly." YOUTUBE, 2012

"She is a naturally soulful performer, swaying and dancing, using her expressive face and her arms to underline her vocal delivery. But her singing, like her music, is perfectly balanced – her sense of pitch, volume, phrasing are formidable. It is a rare thrill to run into a performer who has such technique and such artistry. Denike’s songs combine a dizzying array of styles and influences: doo wop, early rock and soul, tin pan alley, cabaret, classic and contemporary singer songwriters. She distills everything into an organic, irresistable pop music. ."  - Todd Wanerman - The Bay Bridged.com

"..Special shout-out to vocalist Karina Denike (of the Dance Hall Crashers and The Cottontails), whose vocal prowess recalls traditional jazz chops with modern style, relevance, and soul. Cheers".   Laura Nagel - The Owl Mag

"In my humble opinion, she’s probably got one of the most powerful, virtuosic voices around and a vocal delivery that’s JUST SEXY. You really have to see her live to know what I mean"  - MissionMission.com

"Some of Tony Sly’s longtime friends, scenemates and frequent collaborators are present and well-accounted for, ready to not merely tug at your heart strings, but to anesthetize them in whiskey and set them ablaze. Case in point: album-opener “Biggest Lie,” as performed by the inimitable vocal talent that is (former Dance Hall Crasher) Karina Denike is sparse, moody and downright haunting. Keep the Kleenex handy for this one, kiddoes; we’re about to embark on a roller coaster of emotions." Jaystone - album review at Dying scene

 When we first heard Karina Denike we were captivated by the depth of her music and her haunting delivery.  You can listen to her songs over and over again and pick out new musical flavors and meanings with each hearing.” - David Kaye - Climate Theatre music box series.


Nov. 2012 we released our two live tracks for Cantilever Bridge and Lonely Sea on ITUNES! with the SF based Portofranco records.( Ramon and jessica, Nice guy Trio, Aaron Novik, Gaucho etc..) you can buy the songs here!


*ALSOIN OCTOBER 2012 we RELEASED 2 NEW LIVE VIDEOs and got a featured spotlight on YOUTUBE --- CHECK OUT THIS LINK~


- what YOUTUBE said about us....

"The best of the best: a San Francisco singer-songwriter with a powerful voice and some serious songwriting skills. This stripped-down performance suits her perfectly."